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Preparing for your Child's Baptism

It has been long standing tradition in the Roman Catholic Church to administer the sacrament of Baptism to infants. Baptism marks the beginning of a Faith Life, and parents naturally want to pass along their faith and the values that flow from it to their child. 

Pope John Paul II  repeatedly referred to the Catholic family as the "Domestic Church," for it is within the family that we form our first ideas about life and love, and about God and His Church.

At Baptism, the parents and sponsors along with the whole Christian Community take upon themselves the responsibility to make the Church community a place that will offer the newly baptized the love and support needed to grow to full Christian adulthood.

Due to the sanctity of the Sacrament of Baptism and assuming that the child will be raised in the practice of the Catholic Faith, preparation is required for all baptisms.  In order to accomplish this, there are a few steps that parents need to take.

  • Attend Mass regularly - if you are not already doing so.  Mass attendance is important for Baptism to take place.

Learn more about your Faith.  There are many resources available about the Catholic Faith, including the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, so that you can be ready to answer the questions that will come as your child grows!

  • Register in the Parish - If you are not registered already, you will be asked to attend a "New Parishioner's meeting".  This is an informal meeting with our Pastor, Fr. Moe Larochelle, at the parish rectory and lasts about one hour.  It gives new parishioners and Fr. Moe the chance to meet , get to know one another and ask questions.  It also helps Fr. Moe to get to know his "flock" better.
  • Attend our Baptism Class - These classes are offered throughout the year and are a requirement for all parents who have not yet attended classes.
  • Select Godparents- The Godparents should be carefully chosen. In recognizing the importance of them, the Church has provided guidelines to help you choose the best possible godparents.

Please remember that we are here to assist and serve you and your family.  Please call our office at 624-1509 or Email Us with any questions at any time.  We are honored to assist you in this most important step in your child's life - entering a life with Christ in the Catholic Church.  Welcome to Ste. Marie!